November Texture Challenge

I call this one "WhirlPool" because until I started blending the textures together I hadn't seen what appears to be a fish fossil on the left.  I added even more texture to this shape, to give it more intense depth and to really bring the image to the surface.  The eye section seemed to be swirling water, so I added another texture to enhance that feature as well.  Hope you have fun with this months challenge!  DMS

July DMS Challenge

The challenge this month was to use the wine glass as the focal image.  I added the blue fish and bubble backgrounds, blending where the line of the table showed, creating a darker shade of blue by overlapping the two images.  Then I added some more bubble brushes and added a water line inside the glass to depict water.  This was a hard challenge but fun!

May Challenge

For May 2011-the challenge is to use this color palette: I layered several photos and textures, then added some distressed brushes and text.  I used a soft pink glitter and emboss on the text.
Credits:  Grunge Brush

#5 Challenge Photo

March is "Women's History Month" and I chose to combine this stock background with a digital challenge from Tanya, over at the Latest Trends in Mixed Media yahoo group. 

#3-Digital Challenge


 Here are two of the altered final versions.  I like them both and couldn't decide which was my favorite.  There is plenty of room to add a quote or poem, so I'll look around for something that will work for these.

#2-Digital Challenge

Here is another version of the Seed Pod challenge for this month of December.  I had fun exploring several options of using this photo in some digital work.  I used a beautiful photo of aged leather that was so nicely worn and wrinkled as an element for the blending mode along with some hand made papers that I scanned into the computer.  I really like the way this turned out.  It's a crop of a larger sample, both worked nicely and the larger one has plenty of room to add a quote or poem when I find one that is appropriate for the image.  Hope you are all having fun with Decembers challenges!

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